as this has 2 thunderbolt ports, could i connect it to my iMac and my Macbook at the same time?

PROMISE Pegasus R6 18TB (6 by 3TB) RAID System

PROMISE Pegasus R6 18TB (6 by 3TB) RAID System

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    I own the previous incarnation of the R6 that only had 12 TB of storage, and while it has two Thunderbolt ports and it is possible to connect both an iMac and an MBP simultaneously, only one of them can mount it at a time. If I want to transfer things between my MBP and the R6, I have to disconnect it from my iMac so that it will mount on the MBP. Major bummer.

  • No. You would need a SAN to do that.

  • Of course NEVER do that !!!!
    It's just a through Thunderbolt to go to another drive or another Thunerbolt unit.