Are they the best computer speakers?? Are they really worth the money you pay for them??

Harman Kardon GLA-55 Speaker System

Harman Kardon GLA-55 Speaker System

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    You could definitely invest in speakers with an amplifier and get more for your money. But as far as self powered speakers that connect to a computer they really are very impressive. My friend and I watched a portion of Top Gun at an Apple Store where these were on display. The bass and high end sounds were impressive, sharp with a powerful bass. I would not scrimp and save to acquire these but if money were no big deal and I just wanted something to drive my computer audio -- I would add these to my collection.

  • What you need to remember is the actual quality of the audio files is probably as important as the speakers you play it through. Unless you are a professional musician, I'd be very surprised that your audio collection is of a high enough quality to really notice the difference with speakers costing this much...

    Like someone else said, you're probably not going to notice the different between these and £100 - £200 pair.

  • I've not heard them but...... its a lot of money for speakers to run from a PC or Mac. I guess in a comparison with speakers at around £250 (Audica MPS 1 for example) you may not notice the £500 difference.

  • I have a pair of the soundsticks at £100 the difference in quality of sound compared to a similar priced stereo is amazing. The quality is superb. I expect there is a lot of difference between these and those ^^^ GLA-55s'