Are these good for running?

Often in ear headphones fall out of your ears while running, or can get damaged by sweat over time. Is this an issue with these earphones?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    I use these when i run/row/lift and they are great headphones. Unless you don't size your ear buds correctly- or your ears are rather large they might. I have encountered a problem with the sweating issue, and am currently attempting to resolve it with Apple Support. Somehow my head phones have managed to short out- i can no longer control the volume of the music or change songs consistently. The control will work sometimes, though it seems the slightest hint of moisture will make the song skip/pause or the 'voice-over' will be activated. If you're not a heavy sweater, you should be fine- but if you tend to workout intensely these might not be the best option.

  • No, they are not good for running. Any sweat gets in the remote, which then will not work. I've exchanged them twice already.

  • From my experience, no they aren't the best for running. They very often will fall out and get dirty and disgusting from sweat. You'll find yourself trying to put them back in your ear every minute. However, they still are very good headphones. Just make sure to clean them after running.

  • I would NOT recommend anyone who runs hard enough or works out hard enough to break out a decent amount of sweat to purchase these.

    once even the slightest bit of sweat or moisture seeps in you have yourself the biggest waste of money.

  • Do not use you if you sweat!!! I had to return two pairs due to the remote failing to work. Otherwise these are great headphones.

  • If they fall out, use the larger set of earbuds, this will make them fit tighter in your ears, and they won't fall out.

    I don't see how sweat would damage earphones, I don't usually sweat on my ears, I even use the standard iPod headphones when I run at the gym and they've never been damaged or fallen out (apart from the rubber rim ripping off due to bad materials :l )

    They are very good, just get a pair and enjoy!