are these beats U.S.A. colored or another country?

these seem like they would be usa but what country are these because there isn't an american flag on the side

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones Special Country Flag Edition

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones Special Country Flag Edition

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    I'm surprised that there is any confusion as to what countries are represented by the two Studio Special Country Flag Editions currently being offered. The one that is primarily black represents Germany, and the one that is white and red represents England. Each one features colours and design elements found on the flags of the countries they represent.

  • My previous answer was meant for the Blue-Red version. This Red and White, however, is listed on the Beats website as:

    "Symbolizing bravery and royalty, the noble lion roars on this Limited Edition Beats Studio headphone. The white and red colors conjure valor and strength on this premium headphone."

    It sounds like it is more related to England.

  • I thought it was USA as well, however below is from the beats website:

    Designed in ‘Samurai Blue,’ this limited edition Beats Studio headphone honors Japan’s Samurai heritage. Inspired by the handle of the Katana sword, the pattern symbolizes the stealth and simplicity of Samurai spirit, creating a headphone design that is both subtle and strong.

    Doesn't matter to me, I still bought them because they are red/white/blue. They are my 1st pair of beats and they sound great! Plus I like the fact they are a different shade of for me its USA all the way!

  • U.S.A colors, white and red is Canada and black,red,and green is probably Mexico.