Are there limitations on the HD formats that will work with the Airport Extreme? Will it work with disks that are in Mac OS Extended (Journaled)?

Hard Drive format question. Does the Airport Extreme work with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted drives? How about the Windows formatted drives?
Basically, I want to know if I can hook up my Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted Time Machine drive to an Airport Extreme base station and continue the back ups I have already started.

  • Asked by Charles Michael F from Arlington
  • Oct 20, 2009
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    This is NOT OFFICALLY SUPPORTED by Apple, but that is pretty well hidden.

    It works well for some, not so reliably for some, not at all for others.

    This forum won't let me post a link to the Apple Technical article, so here's how to find it:

    Go to (slash) support, click Mac, then Mac OSX v10.6 Snow Leopard, then select Time Machine, then Other Time Machine articles. The article in question should appear on the right, titled "Time Machine doesn't back up to AirPort Extreme Airport Disks.

    If you have a problem with this configuration and call AppleCare, you'll get very little help, if any.

    PLUS, the backups are stored differently; you CANNOT continue the same "sequence" of backups, but must let Time Machine start over.

    • Answered by James P from Clermont
    • Dec 29, 2009
  • It works fine with Mac OS Extended Journaled format....

    • Answered by Jeff H from Sioux Falls
    • Nov 17, 2009
  • Don't know about the Journaled.

    All I know is that it works with Apple formatted and FAT32. No NTFS.

    • Answered by Cosmin P from Atlanta
    • Oct 26, 2009