Are the smart cover as well as the case made of leather?

iPad mini Smart Case

iPad mini Smart Case

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  • That's what it says in the description. And yes, it is leather. I have it and am pleased with the finish and feel.

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    The smart cover is a different animal; it's polyurethane. The smart case is all leather, and quite nice; I ended up choosing this one. The smart case is very much like the smart cover, but doesn't have a metal part to grab onto the iPad.

  • I ordered the Red Smart Case for my new iPad mini. I thought it was coming from Canada but it came from USA. That was more than the 24 hr delivery time. Also it says it is made of leather. The case fits and operates fine but I am not sure it is leather. If so, it is really thin. The leather case for my Kindle Fire is a lot softer, thicker and smells and feels like leather! Also it is more an orange/red than red.