Are the Monster DNA on ear headphones compatible with the iphone 5? if not will the 3.5mm mini to mini that is included make it compatible?

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

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    Yes, these headphones are no different than any others. So as long as the headphone port works on your iPhone 5, these headphones will work.

  • Yes, these are geared for ios devices. I love that the cable is flat so it doesn't tangle. They sound great on my ipad.

  • They totally are, and you don't need an adapter to make it compatible. The auxiliary jack is as standard as it gets, and has been for the last ten years or so. As for apple products, I have two sets of DNA's and use them directly in my iPhone all the time.

  • The Monster DNA headphones are fully compatible with the iPhone 5, including the ability to play & pause music, plus control volume and take phone calls with the included cords.