Are the capsules soft or rigid and how long is the cord

Some headphones are too short to use while running on a treadmill or walking

Incase Capsule In Ear Headphones

Incase Capsule In Ear Headphones

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    The capsules themselves are rigid as in hard, but rubberised. The moulds themselves are obviously soft and made of rubber like any other earbuds would be, just to answer that too to avoid any confusion.

  • The cable is 125cm long, from plug to earbuds (not including plug or earbuds). The capsules, if you mean the part that goes into the ear canal, are thin soft silicone, of a dark grey semi-translucent tone, rigid enough to maintain shape and hold - will stand some minor pulling as when tangled with clothes, but will fall off if pulled directly, as in other brands.

  • hard but with a matt finish. cable is pretty long, not too long but don't think you'd want anything longer.