Are the bands waterproof and shock proof?

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

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    It's water resistant, not waterproof.
    So you can wear it when you shower or wash your hands and stuff like that, but not while you are swimming. You wouldn't want it to ever be submerged in water.

    Shock proof I can't speak to.

  • Don't know about shock proofing, but a company called Waterfi sells waterproof Fuelbands designed for swimmers. They're an American company though, and it's about 75% extra price-wise, so only for hardcore swimmers I suppose :)

  • They are not advertised as waterproof, but I believe mine is. When I went rafting there was a cliff where you can jump from so I did. As I was falling I realized my FB was on my wrist so when I landed I pressed the button to see if it still worked and tracked fuel and it did. As for shock proof, it can take falls but don't expect it to live after a car runs over it.

  • waterproof yes not sure about shock proof.

  • I ran an entire Marine Corps Run Amuck(a 4 mile obstacle course with mud, jumps, crawling, etc) with it on and it works perfectly fine. I also demolished a barn with it on and it works perfectly fine. So I would say yes to both.