Are the AC plug adaptors the kind that fit ONTO the mag safe through that double plastic prong bit? Or are they just reg. adaptors that are white?

My boyfriend has a 13 inch mac book pro which he bought in the US but has just moved to the UK. So, while he could easily just use a US to UK adaptor each time he plugs his mag safe into the wall, I'd rather have the mag safe have a UK end already. My question regarding this kit is: are 6 AC plug adaptors included in the kit just regular adaptor that you could buy at Radio Shack or any travel store or are they specifically designed to fit onto the mag safe using the 2 prong slip on? I can't tell by the description or the pictures on the box since the picture implies you get an entire mag safe adaptor with US end in the box. I'm pretty sure however the tech specs say you don't.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    The plugs that are included are designed to slip onto the apple transformers. I have a magsafe adapter purchased in Australia (which an Australian plug) and can interchange it with any other other adapters in the pack.