are docks for ipod touch compatible with iphones

i want a dock for an iphone. i have found many for ipod touch/iphone but want to know if an item says for ipod touch if it will also work for iphone if it doesn't specify

Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch

Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch

Product No Longer Available

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    Visit the Apple Knowledge Base Article number HT1380 titled, "Learn about Apple Universal Dock"

    It shows the Adapter Number for all iPods.

    The iPhones have Adapters Numbers 12 and 15; and

    The touches have Adapters Numbers 14 and 16. (It doesn't mention the 3rd generation touches so apparently they use Adapter Number 16....same as the 2nd generation touches.)

    I hope this helps you out.

  • No. The iPod Touch (1st gen.) is a lot thinner that any iPhone. It would be a waste of money.