Apple Copper Fibre Channel Cable 4Gb (SFP to SFP) Support for Cisco MDS 9124 Switches

For some reason, this cable seems to be incompatible with Cisco MDS 9124 switches. Could you verify the compability with Cisco?

FYI, we got this cable with our Xserve purchase but couldnt get the supervisor on the Cisco Switch to recognize it. Several people have had similar issues and come to the conclusion that Cisco MDS 9124 switches support ONLY Cisco Branded switches.

I need Apple to Verify this information and also let me know if the Xserves, Xserve RAID and Promise RAID devices would work using an LC to LC fibre channel cable with Cisco branded modules on the Switch ports and the HBA ports.

Apple Copper Fibre Channel Cable (4Gb SFP to SFP)

Apple Copper Fibre Channel Cable (4Gb SFP to SFP)

Product No Longer Available

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    *Use only Cisco SFP transceivers on the Cisco MDS 9100 Series. Each Cisco SFP transceiver is encoded with model information that enables the switch to verify that the SFP transceiver meets the requirements for the switch.

    From Cisco MDS 9100 manual