Anyone used these (or the P3's) for air travel yet?

I just bought the P3's on Friday, but I'm considering making the jump to these if the isolation is any better. I think I like the weight and feel of the P3's - and I'm concerned that the leather on these might make my ears sweat.

I'm taking a flight to California in less than 2 weeks and I'd rather not sit through 6 hours of sound-crippling jet engine noise, but I don't want to sacrifice sound quality for active noise cancellation.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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    Don't write off noise canceling too quickly if you're a regular air traveller...

    Funny, I'm reading these reviews of the P5 because I'm looking at getting a pair...however, reading your question about flying - I've done a lot, domestic and international.

    Unless you've experienced that moment with a pair of Bose QC15 when you have them on, hear the roar of the engines underneath, then "click" and it all goes away. I can't tell you whether they are as good pure sound wise as the P5s and you may be a Bose disliker on principle, but they sound is very good indeed and the ability to knock out all that cabin noise is worth every penny. They are also extremely comfortable and I often sleep on overnight flights in them, with no music, just the cord unplugged and the noise canceling on - for flying it is a first class experience. My only comparisons between the two have been in Apple retail stores and frankly I don't think there's a big sonic difference between the two. (I say this as the owner of a pair of B&W speakers which I love...).

    If I can I tend to use them with a Total Bithead portable headphone amp and the pure sound of the vocals on e.g my Celtic Woman album is quite incredible - clean, involving, not a hint of harshness.

    I'm looking at the P5s because I want a good quality (incredibly well built the P5s appear to be) headphone for use in a studio setting. Drums and noise canceling doesn't work and you can't turn off the noise canceling in the Bose and still have them work.

    Just something to bear in mind...

  • i have done several dozen hours long/short haul; they are ok when seated snugly, they cannot filter all the external noise floor like an active system can so system volume may need to be higher but they handle high power well. if you can afford to then sit ahead of the wing, else try the back of the plane if you're visitng the carouselle anyway.
    they are plenty comfortable once the leather has adapted to your ears, and i do not experience sweating.
    many later tech onboard systems have annoying digital artifact internal noise floors, the P5 replay this faithfully, but fortunately they also are so clear they make onboard systems quite intelligible and pleasurable. if the orientation is backward on the movie stereo tracks then the P5 are not quite as comfortable and stable when back to front...
    get the external airline adaptor, leave it connected to your other cord.