Am I missing something here - what is the storage capacity? There's a lot about data transfer rates, but I don't see anything about storage capacity.

Storage capacity

Promise SANLink Thunderbolt to 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel Adapter

Promise SANLink Thunderbolt to 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel Adapter

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    There is no storage capacity - this adapter is for connecting a Mac mini, iMac or other Macs with Thunderbolt to a high capacity Fibre Channel storage system. An example of this kind of storage would be the PROMISE VTrak x30 Series 48TB RAID Subsystem ($25,999.00 in the Apple Store).

  • It's not a storage device, it's a host bus adaptor that connects to your Thunderbolt port and then allows you to connect to your Mac storage devices that use FibreChannel as an interface. The storage capacity then comes from this attached storage and the file system being used. If you're direct attaching the storage to the Mac, then it's something like 16 tebibytes or more. If it's XSAN, then I think it's around 2 petabytes, but this device, in itself, is not a storage device.

  • This is a Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel adapter, so you can connect your new Mac with Thunderbolt to an existing Fibre Channel storage device or storage area network. Prior to this, Fibre Channel connectivity was limited to Mac Pros with a Fibre Channel card.