Already have a home network that worked great until I bought an iMac. Now I can't print through my pc or access them like before. Do I need a TC?

Every one of the sales people I talked to said the iMac would integrate seamlessly with my existing home network. I have a brand new Belkin system that I received for Christmas. When I set up the Belkin network, I was finally able to print from every computer in the house. Xbox ran fantastically. Could access pictures, documents, etc. (whatever was shared on each pc) through each computer on my home network.

Now that I have an iMac, I cannot see the hardwired computers on the network. It only recognizes the wireless kids' computer. I've tried hardwiring the iMac through the router. Same deal. I can access the internet, but have no access to the hardwired network. I am thoroughly frustrated.

I am considering buying a TC for this reason (if I'm going to purchase something, I'll go with the TC instead of the Airports). PLEASE tell me if there is some simple solution I'm missing. I am willing to go with Apple, but the Belkin system was working great until the addition of my BRAND NEW iMac. Received for Valentines day. PLEASE help.


  • Asked by Karen W from Danville
  • Feb 15, 2010
QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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