All the reviews about neat receipts seem to be about scanning business card - but what about scanning receipts? Does it work well?

NeatReceipts for Mac

NeatReceipts for Mac

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    Yes, any documents with numerical text works fine. Our office would spend a week completing employee time sheets, expenses, and then reconciliation with invoicing. Now we have it completed in two days. Hand written recognition is great, but all data then must be manually transferred to columns. Where text that is typed, is captured and 90% of the numerical information is transferred from the receipts to the ledger columns accurately.
    DH Red Deer

  • I have this, and have not used it for business cards, I use it for receipts and I find it great. It reads in the receipts and parses out the info, like th company name, date of purchase, amount.

    I've had a couple of receipts that didn't go in straight, but I simply rescanned them and the problem was fixed.

    I'm very pleased with it.

  • Yes, it works very well. I used this for my PC and now on Mac its even better.

  • Thank you very much! This helps a lot!