After using a friend's, I just bought one but it's bulkier than I remember & falls out; it gives the "unsupported" error. Are there 2 different ones?

The one my friend had fit my iPhone 3G perfectly without error and without falling out. It seemed half the size and light so it didn't fall out. But the one I got recently from Apple (they said it's the only one they have) is more boxy, twice the size, and I guess weight, which is probably why I worry about it falling out at the slightest touch. And yes, both were by Scosche, both USB charging adapters I used to play music and charge the phone in the car. In fact, the Warrantly diagrams in the packaging look like the old one I remember using and not like the one in the package I got recently - besides the look of it, I can tell simply by the difference in proportion to the phone in the picture. In fact, I'm so convinced of it that I returned that newest Scosche, feeling I got the wrong product. However, I can't find this difference mentioned in any support forums or shopping searches as some other product, and the apple store was not much help since the guys I told about this awesome Scosche adapter seemed not to have known one even existed, much less knowledgeable in the product line. I've wanted to buy this again for weeks now, but the good one - and I know it's perhaps a Scosche issue, but it is made for your phones. Can you please help answer my question if you know anything?

  • Asked by Lucy F from Berkeley
  • May 25, 2010
Scosche passPORT Charging Adapter for iPhone 3G

Scosche passPORT Charging Adapter for iPhone 3G

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