has anyone found durability and issue with this case for the ipad mini

I bought 3 of these cases for my GrandSons...by recommendation from someone on the phone at the apple store and bought them right before Christmas for their Ipad Minit's that their Mom and Dad had bought all of them for their Surprise.....at first they were fine but as the weeks went on..they began to look rather beaten and worn and they were suppose to be leather and we cleaned them with leather cleaner and kept the up and I just watched them gradually deteriorate before my eyes...they now look like they were over 2 years old and I just bought them Dec. 2013 and this is just not acceptable..?? I dont know I paid over $79.00 for these and we spoke with someone about them and ask them and told them that we wanted a suggestion for a cover for 3 young boys...well...ages are 12, 8, 4 .... years old and they are pityful looking and so I had to order them something else and now these are sitting in the corner in my Daughter's closet and look awful and the Ipad's even began to fall out of the cases.??? I dont know...and Your People suggested this for us..??? I dont know...I just know that I am not happy paying that much and especially asking for advice and got this as suggestion and then now this....they are no good whatsoever and I paid what I did for them and i bought them on my Barclay card and they were bought around Dec. 13 thru 17..?? I dont remember exact date I can get it tho or you can look it up.... but need a suggestion here as to what to do or what can be done?? Thank you and Sincerely and Respectfully..... the Harris Family....David & Nancy Harris...

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