How long do the batteries last on a full charge cycle, and what is the starting percentage… with the Magic Mouse? with the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard?

I'm not sure why Apple pulled my question a few days ago. There was no profanity and it was respectfully commented on one time.

My question might help sway many of the recent negative reviews.

Whenever I've used 2200 mAh Energizer batteries in my Magic Mouse, the percentage has always started at 76% or lower, and never consistent. I was informed rechargeables are only 1.2v compared to regular alkaline which are 1.5v. Perhaps, the software meter in OS X may not be taking the lower voltage into consideration?

The NiMh Energizer batteries in conjunction with the Energizer 15-min charger I own are AWFUL. They only last 3 to 5 days depending on a bunch of variables. I would like to know, BASED ON EXPERIENCE, how long these Apple batteries last on a full cycle using their charger. I don't think anyone wants to buy another dud no matter what statistics tell us.

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    I use my computer daily, and on most (not all) days, it's somewhere around 5-7 hours. This includes a lot of writing and pointing and clicking (I'm not just moving the mouse or just typing). I also play games and nerd-out with a marathon now and then (read:frequently), meaning that the mouse is moving almost constantly for that time, and I'm holding keys down on the keyboard (so the mouse/keyboard aren't just passively on standby, they are actively communicating over a matter or hours).

    I am able to get about twice the life out of my Apple wireless keyboard compared to my Magic Mouse. My keyboard will go about a month on a single charge (using three of these Apple-branded AAs) and my Magic Mouse will go about two weeks (using just two Apple-branded AAs). Obviously, someone who uses the keyboard/mouse less intensively will get better durations out of them, and this is with batteries about 8 months old.

    When I put newly recharged batteries in, they usually report around 99% full. When I put in newly charged Duracell batteries (which are slightly newer than my Apple ones), it's usually around 85% and they don't last nearly as long (so I just use them to hold me over until the Apple ones are done charging!).

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  • A 15 minute battery charger (of any brand or any "fast" charger) will simply kill any rechargeable battery quicker. Toss your 15 minute charger in the trash. Your batteries will thank you.
    The Apple charger is a "smart" charger. It can charge 1 or 2 batteries at a times (your Energizer charger can only charge 2 at a time) and deliver the correct charge for the correct time to not destroy the battery.

    "How long do the batteries last on a full charge cycle"
    Can't give a straight answer because it depends on many factors.

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  • i have just updated to lion and since then the battery percentage on the bluetooth menu item corresponding to my magic mouse says 100% so i believe they have fixed the issue of mis-representation of the battery's percentage.

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  • For me if I used the keyboard and mouse one hour a day for a month and still there is a 28% charge left. Amazing quality!!!

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