Should I turn off the magic mouse everytime I turn of my mac?

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    Since the Magic Mouse knows when it is inactive and automatically reverts to a sort of "stand-by"mode , it conserves battery life and is, by Apple's standards, supposed to last 4 months like that. Your answer is no; although if your a paranoid-battery-life preserver like I am, I'd shut mine off every time:D

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  • I use a Magic Mouse with a Macbook Pro. After leaving the Mouse on in my laptop bag with my laptop I've started to turn the Mouse off. This is because the mouse will wake the sleeping laptop when pressed. Thus any jostling turns on both the mouse and the computer. I would answer: Mouse off if you are using it with a laptop. With a desktop, leave it on.

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  • The Energizer's that came with mine lasted 38 days with never switching them off.

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  • I don't turn my Magic Mouse off, unless I am switching batteries, and I usually get about 2 months of rugged use (at work, 40 hours a week) out of a freshly charged set of Eneloop batteries.

    One of my co-workers turn their mouse off every night to conserve battery life, but asks for replacement batteries more often than I do, about once a month for them.

    I know this because, I am the "battery snob" at my office, so I do all of the recharging and distributing.

    -- Rechargeable Battery Side Note --

    I think it is important to use the right equipment to keep a Mighty Mouse running as long and as smoothly as possible.

    Since I am a "battery snob" I only use Eneloop batteries, although any hybrid "LSD" rechargeable (such as PowerEx Imedion) would work. I stay away from Energizer, Duracell, or the like, because they have given me so much trouble in the past (like 6 month old batteries only lasting 2 days on a full charge).

    The hybrids can keep their ability to hold most of their charge for years to come.

    I keep them charged with a La Crosse Alpha Power charger (that lets me discharge and recharge the batteries in one step) with a display that shows how much of a charge each one takes and I make note of the mAh levels.

    Then, I pair them with the closest mAh match, so I would pair 2.35mAh charged battery with one that took 2.43mAh, and I can get the longest life out of the pair, since they only last in the Mighty Mouse as long as their weakest partner.

    I have been doing this process successfully for about 3 years with Mighty Mouse, Wireless TrackPads, and Wireless Keyboards.

    *My apologies for the use of brand names, I have no affiliation with any of those companies and do not endorse any of them (at all). However, I have done a good deal of research/testing and I appreciate stuff that works.

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  • i noticed that every time i turn off or sleep my MBP, my mouse started to go in standby mode as well, so i really seldom to turn it off. however, I'm really quite disappointed with battery performance, been using it for just 18 days for constant use with original energizer battery, and now the battery level already reached 12%.

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  • Hi
    The Energizer's that came with mine lasted 2 weeks without switching them off.

    I think also depends how many hours per day you use your MAC i use it around 5 hours per day.

    My old MACBOOK in 2008 i used to actually forget that it actually works with Bluetooth,, it used to stay 3 months with 5 hours use per day, but that was the regular apple mause.

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  • If you are leaving it ideal for a long time, its better to turn off to save battery life.

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