Is it like a track ball?  Does it work by swiping the hand across it in a similar action?

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  • The mouse moves the cursor in the same way as most mouses - you physically push it around on the mousing surface (desk, leg of your jeans, etc).

    The multi-touch surface of the mouse provides is the same features as the left/right mouse button and scroll ball on the previous Mighty Mouse.

    If you can, watch the video about the Magic Mouse - the video makes it clear how this product works.

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    No it is not like a track ball mouse, you still push the mouse to the position that you want. The gestures done on the top of the mouse are for additional features like scrolling, zooming, or going to a previous/next page.

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  • It works in a variety of ways:
    Left/Right clicks
    Single-finger scroll (360 degrees)
    Two-finger swipe left/right (forward/backward)

    All the gestures are detailed on the product page:

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  • The mouse can track 360 degree movement on its surface. Similar to a track ball.

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  • It is not like a trackball. You still must physically move the mouse to make the cursor move. The special gestures are done by swiping your fingers on the top surface of the mouse.

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  • No, it tracks its position, like any mouse. The top surface is a multitouch sensor, and the software allows this to sense "clicks" (left and right) and one or two finger "swipes". Two finger swipes are used for "forward/backward" in Safari or the Finder. Single finger "swipes" activate scrolling (up/down and left/right). The multitouch is different to a MacBook trackpad, but it's quite natural.

    There are no "side buttons", and the mouse has a pleasing weight (slightly more than you'd expect from the pictures).

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  • Yes it is like the trackball, but with the advantage of never needing cleaning. The trackball on my mighty mouse gave trouble because it catches dirt and there is no way to get to it to clean it.
    So I got this one, I still miss the side click buttons though but besides that this is a very very nice mouse, it looks WAY cooler and it works great!

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  • The Magic Mouse features iPhone Touch scrolling. There is no longer a trackball or scroll-wheel. Instead to scroll, you pull back in a scrolling motion, this will allow 360 touch scrolling. The Magic Mouse can also detect how fast your scrolling to determine the scroll speed.

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  • yes it functions in the same way

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