Does the battery drain faster when a Macbook Pro is paired with a Magic Mouse?

Some devices such as cellphones drain a whole lot faster and heat up when bluetooth is left on. My concern is that I may be wasting battery life when I leave the bluetooth on for the Macbook Pro just for a wireless mouse.

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    Well, just as a suggestion. I would mainly use it will on AC power. I know there is a lot of speculation of wireless technology equipped with Bluetooth and their affect on battery life. I have a MacBook 13' myself here in Japan I just bought it in February. I currently pair my iPhone 3GS with my Mac through Bluetooth and use it as my clicker when I give presentations for my classes and when I have to make presentations for the board of education. Even just on the battery alone I have not noticed any significant drain of the battery while having Bluetooth enabled. Also take into mind my iPhone 3Gs handset is way behind the new Apple Magic Mouse so I do not think you will have much to worry about. I am quite satisfied with my current setup but I always like to upgrade my style as well which is why I am buying an Apple Magic Mouse as a gift to myself. I think you should buy one and enjoy everything it has to offer. I went to The Apple Store, in Tenjin-ku, FK City, FK Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan and checked it out and fell in love immediately. Just had to stack up my chips so my wife would let me buy one. Good luck to you my friend and Enjoy

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