Can you copy & paste with the mouse without having to click "edit"?

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    There have always been a number of ways to copy and paste text. Using a Control+Click to access a context menu, enabling Right Click in the Mouse System Preference pane to enable access to the context menu, or by using the keyboard shortcuts Command+C (copy), Command+X (cut), and Command+V (paste).

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  • yes, by using two fingers to do a 'right click' and selecting it from the pop up menu

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  • Yes, you can. Simply make a selection by clicking and dragging over text, then right click on the selection. A contextual menu will appear which will contain the option to copy your selection. Click on "copy" to copy your selection. Now place your cursor where you would like to paste your selection. Right click again to bring up the contextual menu and click on "paste". You have now copied and pasted without using the Edit menu.

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  • Yes: Since this mouse has a secondary click function (i.e. "right-click"), it will have the same access to contextual copy/cut/paste functions (via pop-up menu) as common multi-button mice (such as the Mighty Mouse and most third-party devices).

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  • Yes with a secondary click (touch), on the right side of your mouse, just like the Mighty Mouse

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  • Yes. You can actually do this with any Apple Mouse. Just right click and choose copy from the contextual menu.

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  • You can bring up a context menu by using the right click feature of the mouse, and you can then choose Cut, Copy or Paste from that menu.

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  • This is built into os x.

    It has left/right click functions so yes it will have the copy/paste menu under the "right click" function.

    If that is what you mean.

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  • Yes, I can do it

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  • yes

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