how long does a battery last on a macbook (aluminium)

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    Realistically this battery will last around 3 hours as long as there is not heavy usage of the CPU or GPU. So as long as you are doing basic things like e-mail, web surfing, etc you should get decent life out of it. Also turning down brightness, running only 1 program at a time, and turning off bluetooth will all help preserve battery life. Also running it in cycles and using a battery keeper program will help to extend the life. I am a photographer and if I am doing light photo editing I can pull 2-4 hours out of this battery as long as I adhere to the aforementioned guidelines.

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  • keyboard lights off. monitor dimmed. monitor timeout is one minute.

    minimal to no usage - 5-6 hours
    skype or movie editing - 2-3 hours

    even with the energy saving options, i don't get much out of my own battery pack.

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  • I just purchased brand new battery from the Apple store. After being fully charged, it does not show 100% charge, it also does not last longer than 2hrs. I have multiple windows open but use it only for typing and web-surfing, no heavy duty video or anything like that. If I knew, I'd keep the old battery. A waste of $100 (that's with $30 off if you make an appt at the Genius Bar and spend 1/2hr buying a battery).

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  • Well the battery on my macbook, when fully charged usually lasts between 4 to 5 hours and sometimes 6 hours if i using programs that don't use a lot of the battery. And my brightness is not on the lowest setting.

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  • I bought my 17" Macbook pro November 2009 and the battery is stiil good for about 3 hours use but charging takes 4 or 5 hours. This is on 2nd April 2014. Not bad, eh? I shall buy a new battery from Apple shop as I had a clone one which, whilst it charges fast (2 hours) loses charge in 10 to 20% steps when the Macbook is off (completely off). This means at the end of a session it will be, say, 60% charged and next time it goes on it may be down to 40% or less only 2 or 3 hours later.

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  • On a full charge this battery will only last for 1.35hrs with the colour tuned down to the lowest setting before in screen cannot be seen.

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