Isn't it too big this case for the new macbook pro retina 2013?

As the new macbook pro is slightly smaller than its predecessor and that the MBA, I'm wondering if my new MBP won't fit firmly and will move a lot because too much spare room inside.

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    I just bought one for the new 13" MacBook Pro Retina and it's perfect! I wasn't too sure either at first so I went on Twelve South site and started to place my order until they showed me the SKU number. It was the same SKU as in the Apple Store. You save the shipping fee and the duty fees by ordering it on the Apple Store.

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  • This item IS too big for the 13" Macbook Pro retina. The elastic straps are too high and will 'fall off' every time you open the laptop. Surprisingly, the Air is significantly deeper (bigger) than the Pro. The sides fit perfectly but the top and the bottom (trackpad side) are too far from the edge of the case. As designed, this item DOES NOT work. I would repurchase the product if changes are made.

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  • Yes. As an early user of both the MBP & the Bookbook I can tell you that it is too big, though it can be used if you can live with certain things.

    I bought the Bookbook in Mid '13 for my MBA 13" for which it was absolutely perfect. In Nov I got the MBP Retina 13"and started using the Bookbook with it. It became apparent that it is neither a neat or good fit. The following issues arise:

    1. It does not sit snug and when you open the case the straps or at least one of them will come loose(This is a big hazard if one is holding it in one hand as the MBP can fall out)
    2. One has to be continuously conscious of the above while opening or holding it when open. If someone else who is not aware or as it happens all the time an admirer of the BB (there will be many) tries to open, it will most certainly require some agility on your part to save the MBP.
    3. Pushing the MBP to the extreme front and keeping the screen at less than 90% helps somewhat. If you tilt beyond, then at least one strap will come off.
    4. One strap(right) broke from its moorings within a month of light use- rather disappointing. Got is refastened, but one has to be very careful about the angle of the strap.

    Thoroughly enjoying the BB for its sheer look despite all the above. However, my advice is to give it a pass for the MBP Retina 13" unless there has been a further more suitable version.

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