Does it support standard Mavericks Gestures like three finger swipes for Mission Control?

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    The Short answer is NO!

    I bought this to replace my MagicPad because the physical clicker on the Magic Pad starts getting stuck in the clicked state every couple months and I end up buying 4 of them per year at $70/pop. Ouch. Sadly the gestures on this wacom thing are terrible.

    So, you can do some of the normal actions you'd expect, but the gestures are different. For instance:

    Dragging a window: 3 fingered swipe instead of Apple's Click and drag method. Apple's method is remarkably more natural.
    Swiping through spaces: 4 fingered swipe (similar to Apple's, but Apple lets you use 3 also, and I prefer that, so again they win).
    Selecting Text: again a 3 fingered clunky gesture that is not precise or repeatable. Its downright hard to do on this Wacom.

    The thumb and three fingered gesture to explode the desktop or launch mission control: Not easily repeatable on wacom- sloppy recognition, but I never had a problem on Magic Pad.

    IMPORTANT: When you use a Magic pad you get these native animations- like that little bounce when you hit the bottom or top of a web page after scrolling fast. Also when swiping between spaces and mission control windows you have a lot more control than with the wacom. This was perhaps the most disappointing thing- you don't notice these details until they are gone. The wacom makes OS X feel 15 years old.

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  • Intuos tablets support some finger gestures. Not all Maverick Gestures are supported.

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