can the nest work with a remote sensor? Does it matter where the nest is located in a room?

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  • The short: Nest is the remote sensor and yes it does matter where in a room it is placed.

    The long: Install the Nest Thermostat on or near an interior wall. Exterior walls that are poorly insulated can get really cold, which may lead to over-heating - and wasting energy.

    Install the Nest Thermostat away from drafts, radiators, fireplaces, or continual direct sunlight - anything that would cause the temperature to be artificially high or low near the Nest Thermostat. Occasional sunlight is fine - Nest’s Sunblock feature will compensate for it.
    Learn more about Sunblock

    Install the Nest Thermostat so that it’s not blocked by doors, bookshelves or other objects, since its activity sensors need a clear view for Auto-Away.
    Learn more about Auto-Away

    Install the Nest Thermostat so that it can communicate wirelessly with the Heat Link (up to a maximum distance of 30m). Your home’s construction and arrangement will affect the communication range. Even if the display and Heat Link are connected by wires, wireless communication allows the Heat Link to receive software updates and other information from the display.

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