How long will the Pro 1500 run without ac power?

I'm thinking of purchasing a APC pro 1500 back up power and would like to know how long will the Pro 1500 run the computer/

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    First, figure out how much power you need. The specs on this unit are "1 hour, 20 minutes @ 100W" or
    "4 minutes @ 800W". Basically, a higher load severely reduces its battery time.

    Put only the equipment you must have on battery backup. With a wireless router and a computer - this unit is fine, and will last for about an hour. However, if you add in your monitors or other devices on the backup as well - expect the battery to only last a few minutes. Limit backup power to just the essentials. You'll have to get a much bigger unit to be able to power a complete computer system for a long time. These small units are mostly for keeping you from loosing data, or for keeping your network going during short power outages. They're also good as line conditioners, as they are a buffer between your homes electrical system and your computer.

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