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    Fine but would recommend a sock-like case for the iPad+keyboard if you are on the move a lot.
    Though the magnets are strong, the New iPad, due to its weight, might slip off the keyboard when closed, in certain situations (like, you pick up the iPad plus keyboard just by the keyboard...) but you get used to minding that.
    The magnetic hinge (in stand mode) is excellent, the iPad is "glued" to the keyboard (landscape only because the iPad has no magnet on the shorter side) - never had any issues including on bumpy flights, typing on my knees etc...

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  • It's pretty poor, in my opinion. I am returning mine to Amazon today (just received it today).

    It's a great product in theory, but honesty the keyboard case doesn't:

    a) lie flat enough -- it appears slightly warped (e.g. less than 1mm, but that makes a difference!)

    b) stay closed -- even just normal handling is enough to make the non-hinge side come open as there is nothing to hold it in place

    c) stay attached -- even just normal handling is enough to make the magnets detach. I'm not sure how people can say they're strong enough. If you're used the the smart cover's strength you may be disappointed in this.

    d) fold around back so it's in your way if you're not using it. Might as well detach it -- and then why did you even buy a keyboard case instead of just a keyboard?

    The keyboard itself is nice and works well, but the overall product is lacking.

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