Can I recored my face reaction as I recored the game in one video?

I want to use facecam as they play and record the game like the famous youtubers

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    Not easily. You would have to capture the console's output with a device like the Elgato Game Capture HD Game recorder or other HD capture device. Then with a digital video camera, your iPhone or iPad, or possibly a webcam, you would have to video your face, making sure to keep it in the frame. You would also have to make sure you either captured the audio with both recordings, or did something at the beginning that would work like an old fashioned clapper board, allowing you to sync the console video and your face video to the same time. Perhaps clap your hands in front of your face at a specific point at the start of the game. Then you would have to import both recordings into Final Cut Pro or some other video editing software that will allow you to combine the two recordings. Maybe put your face in a corner like a picture-in-picture. Then you would have to export that final product in a digital video format compatible with the device you want to watch it on. It seems like a lot of work to me. Of course, as long as you had a way to sync the two videos, you could always watch the console video on your HDTV, while at the same time playing the face video on your iPhone or iPad, or even on the device you used to record it. You wouldn't have a permanent record, but it would be a lot easier.

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  • No. Elgato Game Capture HD doesn't have a way to directly put your Facecam image into your game video.

    You can record in Elgato Game Capture HD, then export the video to a program like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and then composite (join) the game video to your Facecam video there.

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  • i think what you can do is record your face with a separate camera while the game capture records the gameplay, then just edit the video and put them together

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