Will these headphones stay in for running? How do they hold up to sweat and does it come with a clip?

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    They stay in my ears beautifully! There is no clip, but I just threaded them through my clothing. They seem to be ok with sweat so far, although I found an almost microscopic drop of sweat in one of the tubes today.

    No matter, the tube drains itself, and the wires within the tube are coated against sweat too, so the sweat would have to get 2 layers deeper to touch anything it shouldn't.

    Best in-ear phones I've ever owned, and I've had at least a dozen in the past including Bose, Sony, JVC, Skull Candy, Apple, etc. Sound quality on these is nothing short of life-changing!!!

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  • They come with 4 sets of different sized rubber tips, plus the loop "locks" the headphones into one's ears quite effectively.

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  • Yes, they stay in for running and they have given me no problems despite me sweating profusely at the gym with them in.

    They do not come with a clip, and I haven't needed one.

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  • They hold up better than any headphone I've ever used for running, hiking, snowboarding and the gym. I've never had these fall out on me either at the gym or on my usual jogs. If you really want to enhance the fit, pick up a $15 pair of comply foam tips which really adds more clarity, comfort and fit.

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