can i use my imac as a sort of monitor with my ps3 using this device? and a hmdi to Component (YPbPr) cable

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

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    Based on what I've seen with the product it would lag too much to be an actual representation of the gameplay. It's perfect for recording or remote viewing or saving highlights but probably not best as a monitor.

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  • I can't speak to this product directly, but I have tried to play video games through my computer using other tuner/dvr cards before. My experience has been that running through the computer and recording software introduced a lag of approximately 1 to 2 seconds from the original signal source. When you are watching television, a slight lag from the source is not even noticeable to viewers, but when you are playing a game, this translates into a 1 to 2 second lag between pressing a button and your character performing that action on the screen. Since most games require quick reactions to play with any skill or success, this renders it completely unusable as a gaming monitor. I can tell you almost with certainty that this product will behave in the same way. If I were you, I would try to find a friend or local business that is using one and would let you test it out quickly before you drop the $200 to purchase one yourself.

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