Which MacBook should I get?

Hey there. I'm an upcoming high school senior and after a little bit of luck with the job hunt, I landed one and am able to buy a MacBook. Problem is, I can't decide between the 13-inch Air or the 13-inch Pro. I'll be buying the base model, whichever one I choose anyway.

Some usage background. Most often, I'll be doing word processing, browsing the Internet, streaming videos and music. Other things I don't do as often will be more on the programming side: testing out code, learning new languages. I don't do video and photo editing too much anymore and when I do it's usually on the desktop. I'm not a hardcore PC gamer and prefer consoles, so the most graphics-extensive game I'll be running is Minecraft.

I'll probably be downloading quite a bit of software as I've kept my eye on some applications from the App Store for a while now. They're not very demanding on the computer power, though, so I think it'll be alright.

So which one do you think I should purchase? Family has been no help at all with the deciding, but to their credit they did accompany me to the Apple Store and gave their individual opinions. (Conspiracy: they all want me to buy the cheaper one.)


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