Which MacBook is best for a freshman in high school? Pro or Air?

Considering the Pro over the Air. She will be using it for high school reports, research etc., personal iTunes storage and photo storage. Does this computer have a built in cd/DVD drive? Also, if I bought her the 13" one, would it have sufficient amount of memory? Can I buy more later? Is it true Apple computers are not as prone to viruses as windows is? She has always ha windows and has had about 6 laptops and all have lasted about 3-5 months because of some malfunction... Thanks

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    The MacBook Pro does have a CD drive, but the MacBook Pro with Retina display does not, and neither does the MacBook Air.
    I would personally recommend the Air over the Pro mostly because of the weight difference. Considering the number of textbooks that will be carried around over the course of the next 4 years, having a light laptop is absolutely a blessing (And her friends will love it)! The Air does not have a CD drive, but I don't remember needing one for high school more than once or twice. And even then, I just used a different computer to copy the contents.
    13" is, in my opinion, the best size for any laptop, and the screen size has no effect on the amount of memory. It is not possible to add more memory, because the RAM is fused to the inside of the computer.
    There are pretty much no possibilities for Mac malware. I've done a lot of things that Windows users said led to viruses, but I've never had one. I use a program called iAntivirus to scan for threats that might not affect my computer, but may affect others. Still, zero files are deemed a threat.
    As for the longevity of Macs, my mother has one from 2003 and it still works to fit most of her needs.

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