Which MacBook is best for a freshman in high school? Pro or Air?

Considering the Pro over the Air. She will be using it for high school reports, research etc., personal iTunes storage and photo storage. Does this computer have a built in cd/DVD drive? Also, if I bought her the 13" one, would it have sufficient amount of memory? Can I buy more later? Is it true Apple computers are not as prone to viruses as windows is? She has always ha windows and has had about 6 laptops and all have lasted about 3-5 months because of some malfunction... Thanks

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    To answer your questions one-by-one:
    1. The Macbook Air is fine but the Macbook Pro will be faster and will be able to run more processes at a time at a higher price (of course).
    2. The newest Macbooks do not include built-in CD/DVD drives but Apple sells external CD/DVD drives for $80
    3. 256 GB is going to be good for all her documents, music, and photos but if she has more than 100 programs, she'll have to buy an external hard drive or a flash drive or use cloud storage
    4. You can not buy more built-in storage later but you an buy a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage.
    4. It is true Apple computers are less prone to viruses because there are more Windows computers so virus distributers try to attack the greatest amount of people they can at once.

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