Which Mac laptop should i purchase?

I have just made it into the IB program and my parents are rewarding me with any MacBook I want. I really don't want to spend a lot of their money so I think anything over $1500 before taxes is a bit too extreme. I originally thought of the 13inch MacBook Air but I felt it was "too light" and that the 4gb ram and 128gb ssd was too little. I thought of configuring double the RAM and SSD but then the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina came into the play. I would love a high res display and with a student discount is about a 200 dollars difference and the pro is just a slight thicker with much more power. Then I looked at the refurbished section and saw the 15inch non retina 2012 Pro for $50 more than the 13 Retina and it comes with a dedicated graphics card and user configurbility in exchange for a larger chasis and less RAM and a HDD instead. But I think I can upgrade the RAM and add a SSD in the future and make myself a custom portable powerhouse. So which Mac is perfect for me? I love gaming and plan to install windows on any macbook I get but I have a dedicated gaming desktop at home already. I am thinking of the 15inch is it a good idea? Please give me any advice you have thanks!

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