MBP retina 128GB flash storage or MBP 500GB hard drive

I am a basic college student, meaning I only use my computer to write papers and do online homework (mastering chemistry). I am really interested in the MacBook pro Retina, but I am scared that it will not have enough memory for me. Therefore, I am considering the MBP 13 inch 500GB hard drive (w/o retina). Just a little bit of extra information, I also have about 860 songs on my computer and I am not a gamer. Will the MBP Retina 128 flash storage be enough storage for me to not worry about ever running out of space on my computer?


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    I was asking myself the same question two weeks ago, but I went for the MBP 13 inch retina display with the 256gb SSD, its a little bit more expensive but it is a better machine, latest i5 processor that save battery time, much faster storage compare to the 500Gb and a much better display. At home I use a 14 inch 1080P screen with a 2Tb Desktop HD for Backup and extra storage but on the road I always cary my external 1Tb hd.

    I you want the latest Mac, go the 128SSD if you need more space for music, movies etc..., you can buy a 1Tb external drive for the extra storage, but believe me, I had the other model when it came out and its much slower than the new MacBook Pro. Don't forget, its an investment for a couple of years.

    Still not decided? Hop on the bus and get to an Apple store and compare the speed of two machine for yourself!


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  • If you're just using it for the basic college papers, etc, there's no need to go with the retina display or an SSD. If you were doing CPU-intensive tasks like gaming or running video editing/graphics software, the extra memory and the SSD would be appropriate. But not for what you're doing.

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