Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for 28 year old physician (not a student)?

I've been blessed with $1000 from the hospital I work for to put towards a new computer! My 2007 Macbook from uni is too slow to handle photo editing anymore (or to play Sims 3, not that I would do that), but bless her heart she's held strong in every other suit. I'm struggling between an Air or a Pro. I'm willing to invest an extra $600-800 on top of what work is giving me.

I will mostly use it for:
Photo storage/editing (especially as we have a baby on the way)
Some video editing
Surfing the net (yeah, I'm old enough to say that)
Accessing remote desktop to work on charting/EMR
Creating presentations
Documents/spreadsheets/basic word processing
Netflix/Amazon Prime videos
Very simple graphic design work (more of a hobby, designing wedding stationary, etc.)
OK, probably playing Sims 3

We do a fair amount of traveling, so I'm committed to a 13" monitor, but what is the advantage of the Pro over the air? Not having a CD drive makes me anxious (because I'm a dinosaur), but apparently neither have them anymore? Battery life is not much of a factor as this will be used as a home computer, but we may end up moving overseas for a year or two for my spouse's work, so I don't want to get tied down to a desktop computer yet.


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