How do I decide which mac computer is for me

I just check e-mails, download iTunes songs, pay bills, & surf the internet... That is it basically.

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    I can tell you right now, the Macbook Air is the Apple computer for you. It's the most portable and has enough power, but is meant for people who want an excellent experience but don't demand a ton from their computer. I would get the 13-inch model, just because it's nice to have the extra screen space, plus it has an SD card slot if you ever want to put pictures on it. I'd also spring for 256GB of storage; 128GB fills up quickly for most people. If you want to be sure your computer never slows down because it's trying to do too much at once, you could get 8GB of RAM too, but, realistically, 4GB will probably be plenty for what you're using it for and you'd be saving $100.
    You really don't have to think about getting a desktop computer like an iMac, in my opinion. The only people who need those are people who use their computers a lot but are 100% sure that they won't need to move it around. The minute that you wish you could take your computer with you is the minute that getting a laptop would be worth it.

    If you're just doing basic stuff like you're talking about and you don't do it very often, you could save a lot of money and still get a pretty good laptop from a different company. However, Macs offer an amazing experience and last a really long time, so, if you have the money, I can see why you would want once.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

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  • i do to recommend macbook air, you won't regret

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  • If you are just checking e-mails, downloading iTunes songs, paying bills, and surfing the internet, go with the new Macbook Pro with retina display. You might later on need the computer to do better things than just the basics. Choosing a Mac depends on what you intend to do with it. You must assess your need, then tailor it to the Mac that will help satisfy that need. If you are doing photos, designs, gaming, music, and other intensive applications, you need a Mac with a faster processor, several cores, better graphics cards, bigger Random Access Memory, a hard drive with large storage "space," and a monitor with big screen size. Of course, functionality of the Mac depends on the Hardrive: a flash storage drive is better than the traditional spinning Hardrives. Macs with SSD drives run faster and last longer than Macs with traditional Hardrives. The Mac Pros and Macbook Pros have superior processing power than other personal computers I know. For the student who intends to do Word processing, e-mailing, Internet search, and other less intensive applications, the Mac Air is a good choice because of its portability and cost. The new 13" macbook pro is comparable to the Mac Air in terms of weight. The retina display of the Macbook Pro has a better Graphical User Interface and a faster processor than the Mac Air. I bought a 13-inch Mac Book Pro three years ago. Since then, I had been planning to buy an iMac for use at home. However, I have been using the Macbook Pro at home, at work, and at school. I no longer have the urge to purchase the iMac. The bottom line is that your needs should determine your choice of a Mac. You do not need the "flagship" MacPro just to surf the internet. Similarly, you cannot use a Mac air with a slow processor to run intensive applications. For a student, I would recommend the 256gb 13-inch Mac Book Pro with retina display. It is just as portable as the Mac Air, and has a faster processor than the Mac Air.

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  • The 13 inch Macbook air and if you would like to save money buy one refurbished same thing other then it had a problem and apple fixed it but doesn't come in a fancy box ;)

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  • A lot of the answers already point out to the laptops. I have no problem with laptops per se (they have their place of course) but I'm going to be different and say iMac.

    My reasons:

    1) A lot more power under the hood for the money.
    2) Bigger screen. You might actually want to watch a movie sometimes. The small screens on laptops is irritating for me. Besides, even doing basic internet activities a larger screen is a joy to use.

    Perhaps it's my difference in lifestyles over the majority of the population, but I feel that you would be paying a lot more money for a laptop computer that would match the specifications of a desktop iMac.

    Just my 2¢.

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  • If that's really all you do it seems to me that you don't need a computer - an iPad will be more than sufficient.

    I have a MacBook that lives downstairs, an iMac that is in the office, an iPad and an iPad mini. Since buying the iPad, along with the Logitec keyboard, I can't remember when we last used the laptop.

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  • the 13 inch macbook air would maybe be the most sensible choice for you, but i recently
    bought the middle model of the 13inch retina and its amazing
    as you will only do light stuff probably the base model will be enough and you will get that amazing retina display!!! really worth the extra cash

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  • I have an "ancient" Mac Mini (bought nearly-new from a private party in 2005) and really like it. I use it for the tasks you mention, tho' w/o the music downloads. It needs to be replaced as no longer is upgradeable & showing its age. The lowest cost Mini is about 1/2 ($599) the price of the lowest cost iMac ($1099)--the keyboard and monitor issue notwithstanding, so the savings are considerable. If you burn discs, the new Mini requires an accessory, the SuperDrive, to be able to watch/listen/burn CDs & DVDs & install software that's on a disc. Not sure why they got rid of that feature. Of course you have to provide your own monitor and keyboard & in that case an iMac might be a better choice, but if you already have those the mini is a much less expensive option.

    I am in the market for purchasing a new MacMini, but I read online rumors & have checked with our local authorized dealer that Apple may be dropping the mini line (they, too, have heard the rumor, but it is not substantiated)---why they would, if true, I don't know. It hasn't had a "makeover" or enhancement in quite a while & seems like they are not putting any energy into the line. Too bad if that's the case, as it's an affordable entry level Mac product that allows the customer of modest means to enjoy the Mac experience & quality.

    A lot of other comments suggest the iMac & if you need a monitor and keyboard that's what I would do, otherwise compare to the MacMini and see which meets your needs best.

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  • i think u should get a mac book pro 13 inch with retna display because it is small but not as small as the air which gives me the best of both worlds

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