Hi, I'm currently looking into purchasing a MBA 13" 256GB or rMBP 13" 128GB, which one should I choose?

I do school work & financial work and would like to use the following softwares: R, Matlab or Python. Up until now, I'm still using a Microsoft Windows OS, so, I wouldn't be sure if it's compatible with the Mac OS.

Aside from those, I would like to watch a lot of movies and very minimal photo editing work.
I'm not planning in installing Adobe, nor using video & 3d editing.
I already own 2 EHDD which are both 1TB, and they're almost at capacity.

I have an average budget, and I'm not sure whether I can strecth until the rMBP 256GB-512GB price range. Thus, I would like to maximize my value for money regarding this purchase.

Shall appreciate any kind of advise. Thank You!

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