can i upgrade the memory on a macbook air osx 10.8.4? I want to buy adobe illustrator but it is recommended requirement is to have 8GB memory

I've only had this macbook a few months and am currently using 'Pages', after using Adobe Pagemaker for years I do find 'Pages' limiting and a friend suggested Adobe Illustrator but after looking on Adobe's website it does recommend having 8GB memory.

I also saw a free trial for Adobe Illustrator CC but I think this is a different program to Adobe Illustrator CS6. Does anyone know? Can't find a free trial for Illustrator CS6 and it is very expensive.

Am wondering if I will have to spring for an iMac but the thought of losing half my programs from (don't laugh) a very old XP is filling me with dread. Also, if there isn't a dvd drive on an iMac how do I set up my printer which came with a DVD?

Any advice on these questions will be VERY much appreciated, as you can tell, I am no computer expert.

Many thanks.


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