Buying a refurbished Mac book. Yes or no?

I have always had Mac's. I have a desktop and am now finding that I need a laptop. Refurbished is okay. I will be using it for research and the writing of a book. I also will need Microsoft office for presentations, etc. What is best for me? Macbook Pro or MAcbook Air?

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  • I purchased an Apple-refurbished MacBook Pro and did it knowing that Apple's refurbishing standards are impeccable and that I would be getting equipment that had undergone more detailed, thorough, and meticulous testing than any other computer for which I would otherwise pay full retail price. My MacBook Pro is perfect and I have never regretted my purchase choice.
    You have nothing to worry about when choosing Apple refurbished products, in my opinion!
    (And no, I don't work for Apple® nor any other entity connected to Apple®.)

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  • Yes! I just bought a refurbished Retina Display 13 inch MacBook Pro and cannot recommend it more! However keep in mind when buying to buy a newer model as yo will be guaranteed updates and be able to get all the new features for the next few years. At any point during the first year o owning the computer you can also get normal apple care for $249 so don't feel pressured to get it upfront if your really good about keeping good care of your computers. Also, my computer is as if it actually were brand new, you wouldn't even be able to notice a difference. Keynote, Pages, and Numbers comes free with 2013 models of a Mac which is the equivalent of Microsoft Office and you can even export your files as Microsoft format if needed. Yosemite (their latest OS) was built with retina displays in mind so they could start phasing older displays out such as the mac book airs so definitely get a retina display MacBook pro to make sure you maintain support for many years to come.

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  • Yes

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  • No i have

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  • I have always either bought refurb iMacs, MacBooks and iPods. There was a problem with the hard drive on one iMac, but that was an issue across the board and it was replaced free of charge. Even then, I would not have any qualms buying from their sale site. Most times, they're customer returns which cannot be sold as New. If you have any problem, Apple will make good on it.

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  • We bought a refurbished early 2008 24" iMac from the Apple Store in October 2008. It is still working well and has never had a hardware problem. We saved several hundred dollars and were able to buy a larger, more powerful model because it was refurbished. I would do it again if the occasion comes up.

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  • Bought a refurbed MacBook Pro, worked fine but almost immediately showed a line of pixels out on the screen. Would disappear/reappear; contacted Apple, returned it to a local Apple Store, and went home with a brand new replacement off their shelves. Apple's resolution of this problem was fantastic. (I only buy from the refurbished store, and have never been disappointed).

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

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  • If it is your first one, then yes. I would bring it into the apple store to make sure it works fine.

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  • I have similar needs and have been buying, using and tweaking with macs since the 90's. I have always purchased refurbished models when one is available that fits my needs. I also am a medical student, so I use my MacBook Air about 16 hours a day for studying, writing, etc. (although I avoid PowerPoint at all costs; Keynote '09 is way better IMHO). The speed and performance are fine, but the real benefit is how lightweight the machine is since I carry it everywhere. Anyway, just my two cents.

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  • Yes

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  • yes

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  • noononoonn

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