BIG dilemma, please help: MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air

I do see that this question has been asked to death on here, so I hope that you don't mind offering me advice for my situation.

My old MBP is about to die and I am needing to replace. I have 260GB worth of 'stuff' on my HD (although a large proportion - 80 GB - of this is old photos which could be stored) and primarily use computer for internet, e-mails, documents, photos and music. I would like 8GB Ram (could upgrade from 4).

Would you recommend Air or Pro? I would go for 13 inch in either case. Price is a consideration, but not too, too big one (I can get education discount); whilst I am very tempted by the Air because of its weight, design and battery life, am I mad not to get the hot off the press Pro which is kitted out with all the latest technology?

Any help so gladly and gratefully received.


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