Does the iPod touch 16GB have a rear camera?

I have seen that it didn't used to and different people have said yes and no, I would just like a straight answer.

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    The latest iPod Touch, 16 GB does have the two cameras. (Just recently added). Check on the box to be certain you are purchasing the latest version.

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  • There isn't a straight answer. It depends on whether you are getting a "new" version of the 16GB or the older version. The older version did not have a rear camera. However, about a year ago, Apple changed the design of the 16GB model so that now the NEW ones do have the rear-facing 5 megapixel cameras as well as the front-facing lower-resolution cameras. The new ones retail for $199 at the online Apple Stores or at the physical Apple Stores. I have seen some 16GB iPodTouch units sold at a Costco near me for thirty bucks less -- $169 -- BUT THOSE WERE THE OLDER ONES that did not have the rear camera.

    If you care about having the rear camera then you need to make sure that what you are buying is the new one and not the older model. It will cost you the full $199. My advice would be to avoid buying at big-box "bargain" stores like Costco or online at "bargain" websites -- you'll probably wind up with the older model. If you want a 16GB unit with a rear camera, either buy it at an Apple Store or via the genuine Apple website.

    By the way -- the differences between the rear and front cameras are night and day. I have a 32GB iPodTouch and while the rear camera is not as incredible as the iPhone5S rear camera, it's still amazing in terms of the quality of the images and what it can do. You don't need any special apps for panorama, or square images, or special effects -- they're all built right into the out-of-the-box device. The only limitation is the fixed focal length, but there's enough resolution for really large blowups (up to at least 10"x12") without any pixelation, and the image quality is superb. So if you want to take pictures (and videos!) with your iPod, be sure that what you buy is really the NEW model.

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  • yes

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  • it did not before but does now

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  • Yes it does have a back camera now the older 16gb ipod 5 did not now it does

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  • I used an iPod touch 4th generation and it does have a camera. So, iPod touch 5th generation does have a camera.

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