Is there an app to sort contacts by company, then by name?

I am leaving a company Blackberry behind as I go to a company BYOD program and get access to all of my corporate calendar, email, and contacts on my personal iPhone 5. Everything is great with the exception of Contacts. I have 300 business contacts that have always been sorted on my BB by Company and then Last Name. Apple only lets me sort by Last name.

Is there a business app that will let me sort by company then by last name without having to manually create groups for each company?

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    The best app out there that nobody knows of is called "EasyContacts". Be sure to search for it was written in the app store. It is money well spent. Every person I show this app to decides to buy it. I use Card Scan still to scan business cards and then export the contacts to Outlook. I then sync my iPhone via iTunes to read my Outlook contacts. PERFECTION!!

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  • I don't know about an app, but I do know that when you tap the Home Button to search you can search your contacts by company.
    Type the name of the company you want, and all the contacts from that company will show up.

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  • If you sign into your account on the web you can create groups. (company groups) click on all contacts. hold down the command or control key as you highlight what company contacts you want to go into a certain group. when you have them all highlighted, simply drag over to the company contacts group. I think there is a red ribbon up top in the middle to access groups of contacts. I dont think they allow you to create groups from the iphone itself. Hope this helps.

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  • Yes, there finally is : ContactMagic !

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