Will it work with AT&T's U-verse router/modem tower?

I haven't been able to set up my current Lynksys router with it and would definitely buy this if it can override ATT's router.

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    I'm successfully using a previous-generation AirPort Extreme with a U-Verse combo modem/router and my experience might be useful. You have two options:

    1) You can set up the AirPort in bridge mode, which will let the AT&T device handle the network services. The advantage of this is that it's easy and you can still use the other ports on your U-Verse modem. The disadvantage is that you don't get to use any of the management features or UPnP (automatic tunneling configuration) of the AirPort.

    2) You can set the U-Verse modem to IP Passthrough mode (under the Firewall section of its config screen), in "manual" passthrough mode, and manually configure the AirPort to have whatever IP address your U-Verse modem is getting (even if you're not paying for a static IP address, it doesn't seem to ever change). The advantage of this is that the AirPort handles all the routing and configuration, as well as UPnP; the U-Verse router is JUST acting as a modem. The disadvantage is that you can't use any of the other network ports on the U-Verse modem if you need more than the 3 extra the AirPort provides.

    Theoretically the U-Verse modem has a passthrough mode where it is supposed to give out the external address via DHCP to either a specific MAC address or the first device that asks, which would make configuration of #2 above easier, but this simply does not work on mine; the AirPort never gets the IP address. Only manual worked.

    Note that in both of the above, you also want to disable the modem's wireless entirely, since AirPort will be handling that; the modem would just be causing interference by broadcasting nearby.

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  • Yes, you simply, connect the ethernet from the UVerse Modem, to the Yellow color coded ethernet port on the Airport Extreme.
    Then run the Airport Utility application, on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or web based interface, is there for the techies.

    Im really happy with the range, and incredible speed gains, using this new AP Extreme, and to my only 802.11ac device, the new Mac Book Air.

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  • I used the second scenario suggested by Marc and it worked like a charm.

    1. Put the U-verse modem in MANUAL pass through mode and that was it, every thing else came together on its own. I did not have to enter my AE mac address when I put the U-verse modem in manual mode (it disabled the field).
    2. Went back and turned the wifi function off on the U-verse modem. Now my AE is sending out the signal and handling all my home network functions.

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  • Not really...

    AT&T Uverse uses a 2Wire Gateway (modem + wireless router) which is required for any aspect of their Uverse service. It must provide the routing for your network. Now, you can set up the Airport Extreme (AE) to be in "bridged mode" which means you don't have the AE doing any routing at all and it's more or less just a wireless access point, but that means you're still managing your network via the 2Wire.

    Moreover, it worked just fine in bridge mode over my hardwired gigabit network at full bandwidth, however it cut down from 35mbps to 1mbps consistently when connected wirelessly no matter how close or far you are from the AE and regardless of what device you use (laptop, iOS, etc).

    Finally, I went out and bought an Airport Express to rule out a bad wifi chip...same results.

    So yes, it works wired but wifi, not so much. I ended up cancelling Uverse internet (kept TV) and grabbed Comcast for the internet all so I can have my Airport Extreme be the ruler of my network.

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  • If you put the u-verse router into bridge mode it should work. I would contact att first to verify they allow there routers to be put into bridge mode as some carriers have those options in the firmware but they have terms of service where you have to use only there hardware unless you buy it from them.

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