Should I get 16 GB or 32 GB

I don't store music, but do books and pictures

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    32 GB. If you do pictures are you saying you take pictures with your iPad? If so you will want the 32 GB model so you don't have to worry about running out of space during an outing. You will be able to edit and take movies on the iPad as well so combined with pictures the 32 would be your best bet. Even if you don't take movies it is something to think about.

    If you are not shooting any pictures with the iPad I would still recommend the 32 as you are probably editing pictures on the iPad. For this you will need the space to upload photo projects to edit. Realistically, when you get your hands on the 32 you only have about 25 gigs of useable space.

    The 16gig model is for persons using cloud storage for everything or is only using the iPad for email, web surfing, and books. As those items do not take up that much space.

    Since the iPad is a device not accepting to the consumer to upgrade components. I would recommend spending the extra money upfront getting the larger iPad than kicking oneself for not when in actuality you need the extra space.

    Hope this helps!

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  • I would go with a 32, or even go higher if you plan on buying books. My son's ipad mini is a 16, and we are already playing the "what do you like the least, so we can make some room" game. A 32 GB has only about 27 GB actual usable space, btw.

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  • I would like 32 more storage

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