how is the ipad for reading books. Is it as good as a kindle and is the lighting ok. How is the glare?


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    I have both. My IPAD screen does glare in the sunlight, the Kindle screen does not. The IPAD screen is backlit which makes for easy reading in dark situations, the Kindle has a light in the case which is ok but tends to have light and dark areas (so I find the IPAD superior there). The Kindle allows you to put books into files so the handling of many books is much superior to the IPAD, which simply stores them all in a bunch. The Kindle allows you to search for things within the book which I find very useful when I lose track of a character or want to search for something within the book.

    The IPAD is great for picking up email, doing face book, using the internet. I have the IPAD because I broke my Kindle. But frankly, I am going to get a Kindle and use it for reading and the IPAD for everything else. Unless anyone can tell me of an app that will allow me to sort and store books on IPAD and do searches within the book. I just miss those features too much. And then there is the glare issue. And I do have the latest IPAD.

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  • I have a complete library on my IPAD and have been reading every day for 6months.The lighting is great,no glare and I love reading on my IPAD,better than a Kindle or Nook Book!

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  • I read books for a living. I do most of my work on the iPad for the purpose of utilizing excellent annotation apps. BUT, I highly reccommend Kindle for basic reading that's comprable to actually reading a book. The most basic 'paper white' model, I.e. non-back-lit, will simulate actual book pages far better than the iPad or Kindle Fire. It's cheap, light, long lasting (days, if not weeks, of charge) and a great way to travel easily with a book on-hand. The iPad is far less useful in daylight and you will not be able to read the screen at all in bright sunlight. Plus a Kindle is ideal for, say, the beach, where you might not want to take a more expensive and sensitive gadget like an iPad. The Kindle creates no strain on the eyes the way a 'tablet' device does. Nor does it affect natural sleeping patterns the way staring at a bright tablet/phone can do before bed. I have the most basic model so that I'm not tempted to play games or go online, which is obviously a distraction on the tablets.
    If you love reading and want a very book-like experience, you should keep a no-frills Kindle on hand as an easy compliment to your everyday must-haves.

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  • I know I am answering this almost a year later but I am a big reader so I want to share this. I used to walk around with my kindle fire attached to my hand, but bought an iPad mini for reasons other than reading and started using the kindle app so I would not have to carry both devices with me. The battery lasts so much longer on the iPad so I carry it with me to read and late at night when my battery needs recharging, I switch to my Kindle that sits on my nightstand. I then use the kindle for book purchases because it is easier. I think you need both!

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  • Answer for H. Gayle from Davenport as well:
    There is some glare in bright sun but I'm not usually reading then..... You can download a free Kindle app, (free from Amazon), for your iPad, it's like having a Kindle with multiple functions on your iPad, best of both worlds for some people.
    Ref Storing Books: I found that setting up categories by author in iBooks to be a very effective way to sort my many books.

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  • I love my iPad for reading because of the backlighting. I have sorted all my books and documents into files, so I think the previous answer that said they are all bunched up- ask around, you can create multiple files for all your reading material.

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  • You could always download the Kindle and Nook apps.

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  • Good question.
    I own a kindle paper white and I still grab a new iPad air. The primary reason is that kindle paper white is too small to read a usual a4 PDF and I need to read a colorful PDF as well.

    Initially, I compare kindle fire hdx 8.5 and iPad mini with Retina display but I ended up grabbing iPad air instead. It's not that kindle fire hdx is inferior but Amazon doesn't offer 4g lte in my country. This limits its uses to non-location based applications and I pick iPad air because of its smaller frame and lighter weight compared to its predecessor. Many still misunderstand that I use iPad mini. ;-)
    In term of glare, nothing compared to e-ink. Reading from kindle is very much like reading from papers. It's very eye friendly. If you mostly read long novels in e-reader formats e.g. .mobi, .epub then kindle paper white is a superior choice. If you also need to read colorful PDFs or watch videos, you may want to consider iPad or kindle fire family.
    Kindle app on iPad is as good as the one on paper white and it tends to be faster when I use it to look up dictionary.

    Battery is also another vital factor. Paper white battery lasts weeks or even a few months. I need to recharge my iPad air every day.
    Hope this helps.

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  • Amazon added "Collections" to their Kindle app for iPad around the same date Apple release ios7.

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  • its good but there is some glare in the sunlight.its good for reading books but the kenvil has better sorting an storage

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  • To previous answerer... I have sorted my books in iBooks, no problem. Check the user guide for instructions.

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  • You can store your books in categories and you can search within the books using the spyglass. The glare makes it impossible to read in the sun so I have my Kindle for that.

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