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    A SAN administrator's dream is to have tools at the ready to get the job done. SANdoctor is a comprehensive set of real-time diagnostic tools for monitoring and troubleshooting Fibre Channel Fabrics. Each SANdoctor feature is tightly and seamlessly integrated into QLogic's management applications. Determine if a device is responding, trace the path in the fabric, or monitor the health of SFP and XPAK transceivers. Bottom line--increase the uptime of the fabric with SANdoctor.

    Fibre Channel Fabric Ping is an essential tool for troubleshooting fabric problems. FC Ping verifies that a functional path exists between two ports and provides round trip information. Administrators can determine which ports and devices are responding, thus allowing the administrator to zoom in on the problem.

    Fibre Channel Trace Route helps optimize fabrics and troubleshoot congestion. FC Trace Route traces the route through the Fibre Channel network and displays path information between a source and destination device in order to determine the path of communication between the two devices. Knowing this aids the administrator in making decisions about fabric performance and problems. FC Ping used in conjunction with FC Trace Route gives the administrator a powerful tool to pinpoint fabric connectivity problems and diagnose performance issues.

    Digital Diagnostics Monitoring provides SFP and XPAK transceiver data and health status that SAN administrators depend on. Increase uptime of the SAN by actively monitoring the vitals of transceivers. Set policies and trigger alarms based on power, temperature, voltage, and current of the transceiver. Predict potential failures or isolate existing problems in the fabric with this simple, yet powerful, tool.

  • Highlights

    • Diagnose fibre channel fabrics with Ethernet-type diagnostic tools
    • Pinpoint fabric connectivity problems
    • Improve fabric performance by optimizing network paths
    • Actively monitor optical media health
    • Diagnose failing optics before they become a problem
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    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: LK-SANDR
    • UPC or EAN No.: 7833386011307


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    • Warranty: Each QLogic switch will require a license to support SANdoctor.

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