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Product Information

  • Overview

    Best-of-breed management tools for the SANbox family of switches. QLogic Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 goes beyond the included QuickTools application to provide you with world-class, highly granular tools for setup, configuration, fabric management, fabric monitoring, performance monitoring, and extended distance configuration on QLogic SANbox switches. Manage an unlimited number of switches and an unlimited number of fabrics from a single application, all for one price. No need to launch other applications and jump from one window to another--Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 is a fully integrated, seamless application.

    Service Programs

    The service plan for Enterprise Fabric Suite software includes 1 year of software maintenance releases with remote technical support available 24 x 7. To continue to receive the latest Enterprise Fabric Suite downloads beyond year one, order TQ903LL/A.

  • Highlights

    • mPort Technology--Exclusive to QLogic Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007, mPort lets you decide which licensed ports are active. Move 4Gb device port licenses to 10Gb stacking ports, or vice versa. You decide based on your fabric needs. No other Fibre Channel switch manufacturer lets you license a switch with as few as eight ports and configure which ports are active.
    • Performance Monitoring--Provides easy-to-configure/easy-to-use graphs for monitoring the performance of your Fibre Channel SAN. Troubleshoot fabric problems or find performance bottlenecks before they become an issue. Historical performance data can be exported to spreadsheets or databases for analysis.
    • Extended Credit Wizard walks you through setting up ports for long distance Fibre Channel communication. Don't guess, follow the simple wizard to quickly and easily setup your switch for long distance communication.
    • Fabric Tracker--Track changes to your fabric over time. Need to troubleshoot a problem? Compare today's configuration to yesterday's--or last month's.
    • Fabric Monitoring--Configure per-port thresholds and alarms to alert you when specific error rates, traffic levels, or anomalies occur in the fabric. Configure Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 to send alerts via SNMP for full integration into third-party monitoring applications.
    • Enterprise Topology--Experience an unmatched graphical representation of your fabric. See the entire SAN from one pane of glass. Quickly determine device-to-device relationships, as you intuitively drill down from fabric view, to device view, to port view.
    • Stack Management--Available only in Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007. QLogic is the leader in stackable switches and increases that lead by providing the ability to manage your stack as a single entity. Set up, configure, update, or zone a stack of 6 switches in the time it takes to perform the same activities on one switch.
    • Auto Filtering--Easy-to-comprehend health, operation, and environmental statistics are a mouse click away. Filter switch data using buttons that group data into logical sets. Quickly review basic switch information, fan, and power supply information, IP network information, etc.
    • Fabric Zoning--QLogic offers the world's most intuitive zoning implementation. Simple drag-and-drop interface supports multiple zone types: Port WWN Zoning, Node WWN Zoning, FCID Zoning, Hard Zoning, Soft Zoning.
    • Configuration and Zoning Wizards make a switch that is already easy to configure and zone even easier. Wizards take QLogic's ease-of-use one step further. Follow the prompts that guide you through screens to quickly configure and zone a switch. It doesn't get any easier.
    • Switch and Fabric Event Monitoring and Alerting--View and monitor events and alerts with Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007, or configure alerts to be sent to management applications via SNMP.
    • Rich On-Line Help in Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 is second to none. Step-by-step instructions and help are clicks away. No need to reach for the manual. Find everything you need in Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 online help.
  • System Requirements


    • Mac OS X v10.3 and v10.4
    • 150MB free hard-disk space per installation
    • 512MB RAM (minimum)
    • Internet browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later; Netscape navigator 6.0 or later; Mozilla 1.5 or later; Safari 1.0 or later
    • Java plug-in Java 2 JRE Standard Edition (J2SE) v1.5.0_05 required


    • Windows 2003, XP


    • Solaris 8, 9, 10; Solaris 10 x86; Red Hat EL 3 and 4; SuSE Enterprise Server 9
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: EFS2007
    • UPC or EAN No.: 7833386011420


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    • Warranty: Service requires registration with QLogic Corporation.

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