Speck 11" SmartShell Case for MacBook Air

Speck 11" SmartShell Case for MacBook Air


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Product Information

  • Overview

    Speck’s SmartShell Case perfectly matches the sleek, lightweight design of your MacBook. This super-slim glossy hard case is precision-engineered for a perfect fit. And for a striking appearance, each case offers rich color and a striking glossy finish that lets you show off your unique style—while allowing your Mac’s design shine through. Anti-tip feet keep your MacBook stable and secure.

  • Highlights

    • Durable, ultra-thin hard shell protects from scratches and scuffs
    • Sleek, glossy two-piece design is easy to put on and take off
    • Anti-tilt rubberized feet keep your MacBook stable and secure
  • Did you notice?

    The striking color effects let the fine design of your MacBook—and the Apple logo—shine through.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Hard-shell protection that keeps your MacBook light on its feet.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Speck SmartShell Case for MacBook
  • Tech Specs

    • Form Factor: Hard Case, Snap On
    • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: SPK-A2554
    • UPC or EAN No.: 848709007032


    • Note: Products sold through this website that do not bear the Apple Brand name are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. Apple's Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Apple-branded, even if packaged or sold with Apple products. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service.
    • Warranty: One year (For details, please visit http://www.speckproducts.com/warranty-returns)

    Manufacturer Note

    • Speck recommends cleaning your case before you put it on your MacBook and then once a month thereafter to avoid any build-up of dust or dirt. Simply wipe it with a soft, clean cloth or rinse with warm, soapy water. Before re-applying the case, make sure it’s completely dry—and also wipe down your Mac to remove any dust or particles.

Ratings & Reviews

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  • Not worth $50; barely worth $5.

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    I've done through two sets of this case for my Air. I'm not particularly abusive (to my computer), but the fact is that if the co I've done through two sets of this case for my Air. I'm not particularly abusive (to my computer), but the fact is that if the computer case gets banged on the bottom, the two corner pieces near the hinge will likely crack -- then eventually break completely. Voila -- the bottom of the case won't stay on. It does protect the computer, but essentially on a one-disaster basis. I'm not getting a third set.

    Apple really should find a substitute product to hawk on its website and in the stores.

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    22 of 28 people found this useful

    Was this useful? Not worth $50; barely worth $5.

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